Goodearl’s property management team are committed to providing a 24 hour service for our tenants. The team are on hand to assist with all issues.

If you require assistance as a matter of urgency after office hours, please contact our office on 0141 248 6768 and you will be diverted through to our 24 hour 365 a day call divert where you are able to leave name, number and issue and so this can be dealt with right away. We have also provided a list of our emergency contractors in our repairs tab for any emergencies that may arise.

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Check In

At the date of entry, you will be required to come into the office to sign the lease, collect the keys and pay the first months rent and deposit. You will be given an inventory and tenant handbook. A copy of the inventory will be left with you and you must make any ammendments within seven working days of signing the lease.


Gas and electricity accounts will be transferred into your name at the date of entry and meter readings taken at that date will be notified to the service provider.

All utility charges are the responsibility of the tenant throughout the duration of the tenancy and you will be required to exhibit receipted accounts for final readings at the date of your vacation before any deposit is returned to you.

Where a telephone has been installed in the property you will be required to contact British Telecom direct to arrange for connection and billing in your own name. Similarly, the telephone will require to be disconnected by you on departure.

The local authority will be notified of your tenancy and you will be liable for the payment of all Council Tax directly to the local authority. We will require to see a receipt for the Council Tax payment up to date at your departure prior to releasing your deposit.

The landlord will be responsible for insuring the building and/or his contents. However, you will be required to arrange insurance for all of your own personal effects contained within the property and it should be clearly understood that the landlord would have no liability in respect of any items not belonging to them contained within the property during the course of your tenancy.

Tenants are expected to keep any garden ground attached to a property in a tidy and maintained condition.

Where the tenancy of a property is shared amongst two or more persons, it is advisable to appoint one of your number as a spokesperson to deal with any queries that arise. Persons sharing tenancies are reminded that they have a joint and several liability in respect of rent and other obligations under the lease.

Lease signing

All lease papers must be signed by all parties on or before the date of entry. A standing order for future rents will also require to be completed on or before your date of entry. Please ensure that you have your bank details with you at the time of signing.

A deposit equal to one month’s rent plus £100. Deposits will be submitted to Safe Deposit Scotland for safe keeping. Once moved into the property you will receive documentation from Safe Deposit Scotland confirming the lodgement of the deposit with them and your own unique id repayment number.

If you move in on the first of the month then one full months rent is due in advance. However, should you wish to move in at any time during the month, you will be due to pay an apportioned rent calculated on a daily rate, plus the following months rent in full.

Under Money Laundering Act we require all applicants to provide a copy of both their passport or photo card driving licence along with a recent utility bill. It will be necessary for you to provide proof that you are a student. i.e. copy matriculation card.

All initial payments must be paid by bankers draft or cash on your date of entry or by cheque FOURTEEN days in advance to allow time for the cheque to clear.

Routine inspections

As part of our service to the landlord, we will carry out periodic routine inspections of the properties normally every 3 months. You will be notified via email at least 48 hours before the proposed inspection date. The visits occur between 10am and 3pm.

It is always helpful if the tenant is present during the course of our inspection but it is not essential for you to be there. The main purpose of the inspection is to satisfy ourselves that the property is being maintained to the standard set out in the lease and any problems arising will be notified to you at the time of our inspection or shortly thereafter. Where it is necessary for us to revisit a property arising from problems caused by tenants.

As the tenant, you are legally obligated to meet the full liabilities of the lease for the entire period of tenancy. Where sharing tenants wish to change one of the occupants, a new occupant will only be accepted as a replacement if he or she meets all our criteria in terms of suitability and references.

Any such alterations or substitutions are entirely at our or the landlord’s discretion and must fulfil all the criteria set down in the current housing legislation.

One month’s notice to quit is required in writing prior to the termination date of your lease. Your rent is due and payable each month on 1st day of each calendar month. If your rent is not paid on the due date we would point out that we are under no obligation to issue a reminder notice to you, but if it is more than seven days late and we find ourselves in the situation of having to write to you regarding late payment, then a charge in this respect will be made of £10.00 +vat per letter/reminder. Any outstanding sums will be deducted from your deposit at the end of tenancy.

It is essential you notify us one month in advance of your intention to terminate your tenancy as stated in clause 24 of your lease. (You must notify us in writing.)

We recommend that you arrange an appointment which will ensure you are present at the final inspection. This will give you the opportunity to discuss the check out.

A Goodearl representative will attend your appointment and will talk you through the check out procedure.

Our representative will ask for your forwarding address, current phone number and details of your bank account to allow us to return your deposit as quickly as possible.


  1. Ensure all light bulbs are replaced.
  2. Ensure all broken/lost items are replaced with similar substitutes
  3. Ensure all items listed on the original inventory are in place
  4. Ensure garden where applicable is tidy and balconies are clean
  5. Ensure the property is cleaned to a high standard throughout


  1. Windows should be cleaned inside and out
  2. Bedding/towels if applicable should be laundered/ironed and stored in a tidy manner and all beds made up
  3. Remember to move furniture and clean underneath
  4. Carpets should be checked for stains and if stained, stains removed
  5. Sofa covers/upholstery should be cleaned where necessary and cushions and sofas vacuumed
  6. Mattresses should be checked for any staining and stains removed
    1. Check all appliances are cleaned inside and out (ovens, cookers, fridges, freezers, microwaves)
    2. All foodstuffs should be removed from cupboards, fridges, freezers and disposed of by the tenant
    3. All cupboards should be cleaned inside and out and worktops washed down
    4. All crockery/cutlery/glasses/pots should be cleaned
    5. Extractor fans should be cleaned
    1. Extractor fans should be cleaned
    2. Grouting should be cleaned and mould removed
    3. Shower curtains/screens should be washed
    4. WC/wash hand basin/bath should be cleaned
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